Miles - Robot Vision VFX Breakdown


Direction: Oliver Daly
Alexa Demie & Robby Rasmussen
Adam P. Schneider & Meagan Judkins
Executive Producer:
Luke Gilford

Volumetric Capture Supervisor:
Andrew Gant 
VFX Photography:
Andrew Gant

Motion Design, HUD Display, UI, and other Motion Graphics:
Territory Studio
Creative Director:
David Sheldon-Hicks
Sam Hart
UI Motion Designers:
Peter Eszenyi, Ryan Rafferty-Phelan, Yugen Blake, Corey Bramal, Jay Dingle, Sam Keehan, Ian Sargent
End Titles: Nik 'nikill' Hill

DepthKit Special Thanks:
James George, Alexander Porter
MILES is a proof-of-concept short film about blurring the boundaries of humanity and technology, set in the teenage off-roading world of California. The main character MILES, stumbles upon M.A.X., an escaped prototype of the most advanced military creation in history. This short led the way for feature film A-X-L.

The Depthkit enabled us to film actors, objects, and even live motocross racers, and instantly turn them into 3D models. This means that once a scene was filmed, we then had the ability to fly virtual cameras around the actors, change angles, and add beautiful motion design and other effects to that same data.

Once all the scenes were filmed, Oliver worked closely with Territory Studio. Territory took all the concepts and assets and brought them to life. The HUD display, UI interface, particle effects, and other motion design work was all created by Territory.


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