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AXL - AXL Vision Show Reel


Client: Lakeshore Entertainment
Movie: A-X-L, AXL

Volumetric Capture Supervisor: Andrew Gant

Director: Oliver Daly
Writer: Oliver Daly
Starring: Alex Neustaedler, Becky G, Alex MacNicoll

Production Company:
Lakeshore Entertainment
Executive Producers: David Kern, Adam P. Schneider
Producers: David Goyer, Richard Wright, Jackie Shenoo
Production Coordinator: Emily Thorne
Assistant Production Coordinator: Deirdre Hannah

VFX Supervisor: James McQuaide
VFX Editor: Nick Haridopolos
Volumetric Unit First Assistant Director: Eric Lasko
Volumetric Unit Second Camera Operator: Pietro Torrisi
Editor: Jeff McEvoy
Assistant Editor: Brian Scott Steele

Motion Design, HUD Display, UI, and other Motion Graphics: Territory Studio
Executive Creative Director: David Sheldon-Hicks
Creative Director: Andrew Popplestone
Creative Lead: Peter Eszenyi
Producers: Sam Hart, Jasmine Hall, Genevieve McMahon
Art Director: Nils Kloth
UI Motion Designers: Pedro Cyrne, Sam Keehan, Pri Balasubramanian

DepthKit Special Thanks:
James George, Alexander Porter, Jillian Morrow, Kyle Kukstel  

After a successful collaboration on the short film Miles, director and screen writer Oliver Daly once again asked Territory Studio and Andrew Gant to create the unique robot vision for A-X-L, his feature film debut about a canine-styled AI unit designed for Attack, Exploration and Logistics.

The team came back together to create the POV that is such a key element of the robotic character and narrative. Using Depthkit, volumetric capture data helped us deliver the assets to create a unique vision system and POV that ties into storybeats and allows the audience to follow AXL’s evolution from machine to man’s best friend. In all, our team delivered around 70 AXL vision shots and three projections.

For a more detailed breakdown, see Territory’s case study here


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