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Hailing from the cornfields of Indiana, and traveling the world for much of his upbringing, Andrew Gant now calls LA home.

Andrew credits the birth of his creativity and imagination to one very special night when he was just 4 years old. During the loud and deafening spring thunderstorms at night in Indiana, Andrew was too terrified to sleep. To help him sleep and drown out the noise, his parents gifted him his very first radio.

It really worked, but also awakened something else inside.

The music and world of late night radio would transport him to new worlds. With each song, he would close his eyes and let his imagination run wild, creating stories adventures with only the images found inside his head. Going to bed was now the beginning of his day. Soon, music and Andrew became unseperable, as it was his key into a world of imagination.

After moving to the UK during his teenage years, he began to crave ways to bring his visions to life, and taught himself how to edit video at the age of 13 on his first COMPAQ computer, moving to photography and composition shortly thereafter.

These combined talents make him the go to director for any project that requires curiosity, imagination, technical skills and that extra something to go out there and make the day.

It is rumored that he still listens to music each night before he goes to bed.



andrew @ gantproductions . com