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NAO - Behind the Scenes Featurette


Client: Microsoft
Agency: Listen
Artist: NAO
Song: Orbit

Volumetric Capture Director: Andrew Gant

Listen Team
Senior Account Director: Eva Tidlund Dirkse
Creative Director: Leah Taylor Dunbar
Creative Director: Tim Clark
Campaign Lead: James Limon
Executive Producer: Sarah Berkowitz
Creative Technologist: Mike Romeo

Design Director: Philip Sierzega
Technical Director: Charlie Whitney
Executive Producer: Jennifer Vance
Producers: Jessica Ferrer, Sue Yee Hubbard
Lead WebGL Programmer: Lars Berg
Front End Development: Polymer Mallard
3D Design/Animator: Terra Henderson

Choreographer: Ramario Chavoy
Dancer: Camal Pugh

DepthKit Special Thanks:
James George, Alexander Porter, Jillian Morrow, Kyle Kukstel  

Together with MTN Gods, we teamed up with collaborators Microsoft & Listen, to create an interactive music video for Nao's song Orbit. Using a host of tech including AI, Depthkit, and the Microsoft Kinect, we developed the music video in WebGL for desktop & mobile. Our team designed the look and feel, coded particle systems, camera moves, and integrated realistic constellation data from the night sky.

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