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XXARRAY - Orlando Jones and your 3D Avatar


Producer, Writer, Director, Editor: Andrew Gant

Client: Machinima and Alexx Henry Studios

Executive Producer:
Alexx Henry
Talent: Orlando Jones


No Budget | 1 Celebrity | 2 Products | 1 YouTube Contest | Cross Promotion

Alexx Henry Studios specialized in creating extremely photoreal 3D Avatars using a 90-camera photogrammetry system called the xxArray. These scans/avatars could be used in game engines, animation, and VFX. Whilst working at the studio, we created a cross promotional contest hosted on YouTube where fans of Orlando Jones’ show Tainted Love, could win a trip to the xxArray, get scaned, and then be placed digitally in the show! This provided an opportunity to get exposure for both the show and the xxArray.

I love this project because its a great example of creating something great, based solely upon the tools that are availble around you. We had no budget for this, so I had to work with the equipment we had in studio: a basic SLR camera, lav mic, sunlight, practical light, and a lot of cool scanning technology. For the creative, I built a fun basic story where we mess up Orlando’s Avatar for his show. Orlando is an insanely talented writer/actor and a comedic powerhouse, so I knew that if I created an organized shoot with a solid story, he would come in and crush it, which he did! This still goes down as one of my all time favorites due to Orlando’s hilarious and warm nature, and I even got to act alongside him as the editor!

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