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Eminem Augmented - Case Study


Client: Eminem
Production Company and Developer: Drive Studios
Director / Creative Director: Rich Lee
Executive Producer: Justin Diener

Volumetric Capture Supervisor: Andrew Gant

DepthKit Special Thanks:
James George, Alexander Porter, Jillian Morrow, Kyle Kukstel  

Drive Studios created Eminem Augmented, an AR APP that gives fans new and exciting ways to experience the rap legend. The app is constructed around a platform of three basic functions:  At Home Experiences, Pop-Up based Logo Recognition and the Live Event Experiences.

Andrew joined the team to help capture Eminem in Detroit with Depthkit, and follow through for AR based exporting and delivery.

Eminem was set to headline Coachella 2018. Paired with this performance and his upcoming national tour, he released the app containing several AR-based surprises. He also had a re-occuring pop up restaurant called “Mom’s Spaghetti," taken from a lyric on his anthemic track “Lose Yourself”. Using in-app image recognition, the logo for Mom’s Spaghetti activates three dimensional AR content where Eminem himself appears and gives the user a variety of off the wall anecdotes and gestures that fans of Shady have become accustomed to.

For more information, see Drive Studios’ breakdown here


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